The Power of Words

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I think about words....a lot. There are word streams floating constantly in my head. I am so envious of you who write and write and write in beautiful journals. Pages and pages filled with lovely handwriting. I’ve always wanted to be that girl–the filler of journals. My handwriting, unique to me, from top to bottom on every single page.

Alas I am not her. I’ve learned over the years that my process of journaling and working through things may look a little different visually but in the end my outcome is the same. I allow words and phrases to swim around in my head for hours and days.

They swirl around a while getting comfortable. I push them away. I pull them close. I rest with them. I sleep with them. They awaken me. Finally when the time has come I open my heart to them and begin. I process life through my hands.

These words tumble out through paint and stencils, art marks, hard scribbles, soft brushstrokes and mad hatter machine stitching. I don’t control their flow. I openly allow it. Sometimes this process is difficult. But oh friends–it’s so healing. Discovering this process has been life changing for me. I look through my journals and I know exactly what I was feeling on each page.


My tags are physical reminders of what I was asking the universe for, inviting in or many times sending out to others.

What does your process look like? Drop me a comment. Let’s start a conversation.