The 100 Day Project

Have you heard of the #100dayproject?  I stumbled across this challenge last year when a few friends and Instagram pals were participating.  I was completely intimidated.  How would I ever be able to do something consistently for 100 days straight?  All these folks are so much more dedicated and organized than I am, right?  Insert all the negative self-talk here.

Fast forward to 2019

This is the year of “Unfolding” for me.  I am 100% sure that there will be zero unfolding unless I nudge myself out into the light, right?  Paved roads are lovely as they say but nothing grows there.  I climbed aboard my social media soapbox and declared that I, Kristi Nazzaro also known as Soul Positive, would be participating in the #100dayproject.  Stepped off said soapbox, immediately texted my Art Coach Sandi Keene in a full blown panic.  Whoa.  Who knew unfolding publicly would make me feel so queasy.

Photo Apr 23, 8 29 10 AM.jpg

After a pep talk both from Sandi and then from myself I decided that if I was going to grow I would do so with grace, self-acceptance and zero amounts of pressure and/or comparison.  Off I went with an idea and my grace tucked under my arm.

I wanted my project to be a bit bigger than myself.  I think if you’ve followed me a while you know that words are the foundation of every single piece of my art.  Words are not only how I communicate but also how I process the ups and downs of life.  For me, one word at a time allows me to fully embrace the noise and let all my feelings flow out through my hands.

I once again climbed up on my social medium podium and asked my creative community for their help.  I would create altered vintage playing cards with typed words that my community sent to me.  The response was happily overwhelming.  Direct Messages, Texts, and Messages on Facebook – my community embraced this idea and shared so openly with me.  This is how the project evolved for me.

I’m 27 days in friends….have you been following along on my Instagram feed?


With preparation and organization I have been able to keep up with the 100 Day Project.  This is both exciting and frightening.  Can I keep up the pace?  I’m digging deep friends.  I want to complete all 100 days.  I have the support of my creative community.  I may be creating the cards but these are your words.  This has my soul doing cartwheels.

When I fan these altered playing cards out at the end of each week I have a burst of pride which converts to fuel to keep this challenge train a runnin’.  I hope you’ll continue follow along.  I feel your support…